Ben Hoffman is a 50 year old engineer living in Denver, Colorado with his wife and their dog Molly. He has drawn cartoons at various times in his life, beginning when he was a kid growing up in New York. While attending the University of Colorado, Ben began to draw cartoons again for a few months and was the staff cartoonist for the local newspaper called Focus on Denver.

Now, at after having lived for half a century, Ben has decided to begin cartooning again. He has begun this journey with no road map and no particular place to go, as Chuck Berry used to sing. In other words, we’ll just see what happens!

I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to comment!


For information about using Ben’s cartoons, email him at:
benhoffmancartoons [at] gmail.com
(replace the [at] with @)


13 Responses

  1. Cool stuff..keep at it

  2. Are you living out your cartoon, or do you have some data to back up your statement about evolution? I must have missed that headline where a living organism has been observed evolving from non-living matter. What data convinced you that macro-evolution is truth?

  3. Thanks for the comment, lfgbear! And thanks for the inspiration, Nance! 🙂

  4. Hi,
    saw your blog. In a true sense it is amazing. I invite you to visit my blog at http://thejokesofindia.blogspot.com. I hope I dont sound demeaning to you but I would like to use some of your cartoons on my blog. In return I will give full credit to you and a link to your blog whereever your cartoons are used. I hope for a positive reply.
    thanking you in antisipation

  5. Good stuff Ben! Keep it up!

  6. Great story. Going to look around now.

  7. Oh, now you’ve gone and done it. Seems that I am hooked.

    Perhaps with our sense of humor we could create a stand-up, or rather sit-down comedy blog? Let me know what you think. You can reply in my shout box, that is unless it is a big fat NO and you want to hurt my feelings. Sniff. I cannot be likened to a Pit Bull. Although I do love lipstick, but not hockey sticks.

    Seriously, I really find your cartoons very humorous. I love a good laugh.

  8. Great work Ben, I love your cartoons.

  9. Great cartoons with crappy messages. Sounds like a run of the mill newspaper cartoonist to me.

  10. Got a few years on you but I relate to your age and praise your returning to drawing, cartooning, etc. Recording a life lived seems (for me) to become more critical as the years past. Now is the time for Ben Hoffman to reflect back his view of the world. For none can do it as well as he. Just as my view can only be done by me. (grin – enough to stir my own ego and keep me as an artist moving on.

  11. Lovely work, especially from someone returning to the form. Heckuva time to be an editorial cartoonist what with newspapers floundering left and right but I suspect the form will survive somehow. Cheers!

  12. I’m missing updates. We’re living in absurd times in an absurd world — the more good cartoons, the better. You help us make sense of things.

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