Free Trade — Killing The American Dream

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen reports in the 10/12/2010 Wall Street Journal “Obama and the Politics of Outsourcing” that “for every job outsourced to India and other foreign countries, nearly two new jobs were generated here in the U.S.” This greatly simplifies rebuilding our economy — outsourcing all our jobs will create more than full employment! Unfortunately however, this doesn’t agree with my observations while driving trucks in Akron, Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Dallas, Gary, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Memphis, Milwaukee, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Or., Seattle, etc., I never saw or heard much evidence of the dramatic benefits that Mr. Cohen, now an outsourcing/Free Trade consultant and lobbyist with offices in China, suggests we have gained. Areas known to have suffered the most from outsourcing looked more like war zones than rebuilding economies, and there residents had no stories of economic revival either.

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