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  1. This might be one of those items that the media, including NPR, is overplaying in order to get an audience.

  2. That’s probably true, but still there are quite a few of them. I went downtown on Tuesday and they had some booths set up and some were driving around in a Hummer with a loudspeaker on the roof. Those may have been just posing as Hillary supporters, though.

  3. I would definitely agree that it is being over-played. I suspect that regardless of how many Clinton supporters who vote for Obama, if for some reason he loses, there will be a lot of finger-pointing at Hillary and her supporters. It’s been going on all primary season, and will probably continue, regardless of the outcome of the election… and regardless of legitimate arguments against the demonization of Hillary and her supporters.

  4. Did you hear Geraldine Ferraro on All Things Considered (NPR) this evening? She said she didn’t know who she was supporting. Course she also stood by her statement that Obama was successful because he was black, meaning she’s completely lost it.

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