Democrats vs. Republicans: The Great Debate

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  1. And we know which animal is scared of mice. 🙂

  2. Maybe they can get some of their chickenhawks to go after the mice. 🙂

  3. brilliant.

  4. Geez, they are so focused on all the diverse issues that we face…pffffttt….sigh…..

    I agree with the last comment… Brilliant !

  5. This cartoon has taken on added relevance with Palin as running mate. I guess there’s no need to be surprised. We know Republicans and we know what an opportunist McCain can be in political battles.

  6. … and usually, I am so very fond of elephants.

  7. Where I live, lots of people are putting signs in their yards reading “Vote Pro-Life!” So I guess our local elephants only have a one-word vocabulary.

    Personally, I’m so anti-life, I’m practically dead.

  8. NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. If you vote for Obama and he wins we will have a socialistic society and it will be you effing dumb asses faults. just wait and see.

  10. Very Realistic….

  11. Hey! Now Republicans are talking about out of control spending!

    Progress, or just a perversion of the issues?

  12. When I saw the ASS shouting those topics to the elephant, I thought it might be a CONFESSION, especially the one about “out of control spending.”

    Need I remind the myopic dems in the room that in the 1992 primary, Clinton said “those jobs are never coming back, you have to learn new skills.” Clinton not only didn’t try to stop outsourcing, he helped profligate it. In 2000, after 8 years of Clinton, my Dad’s steel mill went bankrupt thanks to the infusion into our economy of low-cost Chinese steel forged by slave labor in a country granted most favored trade status…by Clinton. NAFTA by Clinton.

    Out of control spending…. Are you kidding? No matter how much Republicans spend, Democrats have to top it! While both parties are to blame here, the DEMOCRATS have clearly been the bigger offenders.

    Obamacare will not lower prescription drug costs. Even Howard Dean acknowledges this!

    The Republicans have a plan to lower health insurance costs, but the Dems won’t listen to it. It has to do with removing state restrictions regarding the selling of insurance from one state to residents of another state, increasing competition and lowering costs. Too much for libtards to wrap their brains around.

    Alternative fuels….like clean-burning coal??? Obama has stated he wants to bankrupt the coal industry. He has his own pet projects for energy (Solondra), whose jobs have been OUTSOURCED to CHINA.

    Give it up, Dems. YOU”RE NOT HOLDING ANY CARDS.

  13. NAFTA was given as an “also done,” and not to be assumed as the cause of Chinese steel. Thanks.

  14. […] Democrats vs. Republicans: The Great Debate – cartoon by Ben Hoffman – click to enlarge […]

  15. Ben, what happened to the cartoon?

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