Obama will ruin the economy!


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  1. Outstanding!

  2. cool cartoons there Mister ta

  3. The sad part is that there really are people walking the streets of this country with that very same mentality.

  4. White, blue collar thinking.

  5. Wait … they do not have collars!

  6. At least you still have a job.

  7. The headline is 100 percent correct. Obama will penalize
    and raise taxes on thousands of Americans and Businesses.
    Obama will instead destroy the economy. Second, he will
    retreat from the war, eliminate the strength of the US military.
    Iran is associated with many terrorist. Once they have a nuclear
    bomb, they will surely use it against the USA. Then we will not
    have to worry about the Economy, there would be total destruction of our country. Obama’s no experience, no record,
    20 yrs of radical anti America religious belief with his church should never step near the white house. So my fellow Americans. Stop being a GULLIBLE American and investigate Obama’s record.

  8. first of all if Iran wanted to destroy the US they would have done so by now….just because Obama enters office doesn’t mean that they will do it. second of all the economy is all ready going down and the idea of taxes being raised has been done before dont act like you dont pay taxes now!!! Individual states raise taxes when they want look at MD,so why cant it be done nationally!..at least he has a plan for our country

  9. Iran won’t destroy the US they’ll destroy Israel. but if they did have the capabilities to destroy us and really wanted to, they would wait until a “weak” president was in office. E.G. Clinton and the USS Cole and the Iran hostage crisis when Carter was in office and just minutes after Ronald Reagan was sworn in, they let the hostages go.
    If by plan you mean will stay in the middle so he only pisses off each party just a little bit, then yes he has a plan. Don’t get me wrong, Bush didn’t do a good job AT ALL but Obama will be just as sh***y… you’ll see…

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