I’m not a sheep to the “global warming” hype (cartoon)

Global warming hype

This cartoon was inspired by some of the right wing posts and blogs where they claim to not be a sheep to the global warming hype. The facts indicate man-made pollution is contributing to global warming and the vast majority of scientists believe that man-made pollution is contributing to global warming. Plus, every scientist they site who comes out against the theory of global warming either has ties to the oil companies or is a complete nut job.

So in reality, what they’re saying is their not a sheep to facts and science! I thought that was worthy of a cartoon. 🙂


One Response

  1. People have whole heartedly responded to threats in the past, wars, floods, disease etc. Convince them of imminent harm and you will see action. Global warming has failed to do that, if fact it’s become a bit of a joke.

    DW, you don’t seem to give the general public much credit for recognizing the scam of awg. They have and it was your lack of convincing science that led to that failure.

    The cartoon speaks to that failure.

    Its warm! great, that is so much better than cold.

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